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Grain and Crop Drying

Grain and Crop Drying and Other Agricultural Drying Applications


VERS-A-BELT dryers have provided innovative grain and crop drying and other commercial applications for the agricultural industry:


Grain drying & crop drying

VERS-A-BELT provides energy-efficient, conveyor belt solutions for grain drying and crop drying. We have also designed continuous flow horizontal dryer solutions for fertilizer and feed pellets, bone meal, peat moss and coated seed production.


Pelleted fertilizer from organic waste

VERS-A-BELT has created solutions for municipalities to recycle food, vegetation, animal and human waste as pelleted organic fertilizers.


Producing oil and animal feed from specialty beans

A special process developed by VERS-A-BELT passes legumes through a die at high temperatures in order to separate the meal from the oil. The meal provides the protein component for animal feed; and the oil can be used either for

animal feed or in the food industry


Agriculture Industry applications of the VERS-A-BELT Dryer:

• Grain and crop drying

• Drying alfalfa to storable moisture levels

• Animal feed from legumes

• Coated seed production

• Fertilizer and feed pellets

• Organic fertilizer

• Seed coating for cereal grains & vegetable seeds

• Bone Meal

• Peat Moss

• Extruded Pet Food

• Cubed and pelleted alfalfa

• Extruded Fish By-Product

• Organic Fertilizer

• Feathers whole or chopped


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