VERS-A-BELT Industrial Dryers | Manufactured by Waldor Metal Fabrication

VERS-A-BELT’s uniquely designed features ensure the best quality possible for your end product.


We have carefully designed each aspect of our VERS-A-BELT Industrial Dryer to reduce mechanical and heat damage to your product and to ensure maximum production and energy efficiency.


Conveyor belt technology


Our conveyor belt dryer technology minimizes product damage through tumbling. It features a long lasting carrier web made from galvanized or stainless steel.



Low temperature drying


VERS-A-BELT’s low temperature, high air volume dryers are engineered to minimize product damage due to scorching.





VERS-A-BELT’s gentle action ‘stirattors’ equalize moisture and give the product consistent quality.



Cool cycle


All VERS-A-BELT Industrial Dryers are available with both heat and cool cycles



Maximum heat recovery


VERS-A-BELT’s Industrial Dryers re-cycle the heat (but not the moisture) to help lower your energy costs. Read more



Adaptable ‘flow’ technology


Whether your product is wet and sticky, bulky or free-flowing we will do extensive testing to adapt your VERS-A-BELT industrial dryer to provide to move your product safely and efficiently through an effective drying process.



Customized to your requirements



Energy Efficient

Features of the VERS-A-BELT Industrial Dryer


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