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Drying and dehydration – innovative food industry solutions


VERS-A-BELT Industrial Dryers will design the right dehydration solution for your food industry venture.  Our dryers have been used worldwide in many innovative food processing applications.

Our technology is adaptable to your product’s unique requirements and will save you energy dollars.


Commercial Applications

VERS-A-BELT dehydration technology has been adapted in many different commercial ventures including:


Legume & vegetable drying

Food industry applications for the VERS-A-BELT Industrial Dryer include drying vegetables such as processed garlic, potatoes and tomatoes; washed, expanded rice; stevia; roasted soybeans (for snack food); processed fish; sesame seeds, herbs and specialty bean products.


Specialty dried beans

Customized VERS-A-BELT dehydrators have been used to dry specialty beans for many uses in the Asian food market.

Consumer grade oil from legumes

A special process developed by VERS-A-BELT passes legumes through a die at high temperatures to separate the meal from the oil. The oil can be used for agricultural or food industry applications and the meal by-product provides an excellent nutritional component for livestock feed.


Herbal Remedies

VERS-A-BELT custom designed the world’s first 15-tonne dehydrator for Rhodolia Rosea, an herbal ‘adaptogen’ that increases the body’s ability to adapt to stress and boosts mental and physical performance.

Rhodiola Rosea was brought to Alberta from northern Europe and Asia as part of an effort by more than 30 scientists, agronomists and farmers.  In 2009, the first 5,000 kilograms were harvested and processed in their 4,000 foot plant using VERS-A-BELT’s uniquely engineered dryer.


Food Industry Applications by VERS-A-BELT

 VERS-A-BELT has produced commercial drying solutions for the following applications:

• Extrusion applications for specialty beans

• Dehydration of stevia (for artificial sweetening)

• Roasted soybeans (for snack food)

• Processed Garlic

• Commercially dried tomatoes 

• Commercially dried potatoes

• Washed, expanded rice

• Fish products, whole or processed

• Dried sesame seeds

• Dried parsley and other dehydrated herbs

• Cooked Wheat- Bulgar

• Distilled Grains

• Bread Croutons-Crumbs

• Potato Starch (From Peelings?)

• Washed expanded rice

• Sliced or Cubed apples

• Apple Pumice

• Barley Green

• Medicinal Herbs


Some health food industry products that have been commercially produced using VERS-A-BELT dehydration:


• Barley greens

• Medicinal Herbs

• Echinacea

• Rhodolia Rosea


Ask us about our innovative dryer solutions for food waste recycling.

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