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Produce a great end-product with VERS-A-BELT Industrial Dryers


We will provide extensive research and product testing to deliver the drying solution that produces the highest quality end-product possible.


Each type of raw material has unique requirements and challenges due to its moisture content, size and flow characteristics. We will do extensive testing with samples of your raw material to achieve your exact desired end-product. Then we will engineer a cost-effective solution for your production environment to give you the competitive advantage.


Solutions for air flow and stirration

Is your raw material delicate or heat sensitive?

If you have a delicate or heat sensitive product, or if your industry demands a high-quality end-product, you might enjoy a significant competitive advantage with VERS-A-BELT’S low-temperature, high air volume, conveyor belt technology and our unique heating /cooling cycle.


Conventional dryers use a lower volume of air and high temperature which can cause product scorching or ‘toasting’. The VERS-A-BELT commercial and industrial dryers avoid product scorching and heat-related damage by adapting our high air volume and heating/cooling technologies to each product through extensive research and testing.


Do you need to produce an end-product that has a uniform moisture level?

VERS-A-BELT stirators are designed to gently equalize moisture levels and create a consistent quality for a wide range of products.  And our adjustable product depth levellers are custom designed to optimize the air flow.


Solutions for product levelling and feeder solutions

Does your raw material have high moisture content, or is it sticky?

We have flat belt solutions with side-to-side action that has proven effective for

wet or sticky raw materials.


Are you removing moisture from bulky, non-fluid materials?

Find out about how a pendulum action spreader and other adaptations can deliver the optimum moisture removal process for your raw materials.


Is your product easy-flowing?

We provide hoppers with adjustable- height gates for easy flow products.


Whatever your product type we will fully research its characteristics and test the best feed/leveller solution.




Portable VERS-A-BELT testing dryer built for the University of British Columbia

Research and Product Testing


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