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Safety and Technical information for VERS-A-BELT Industrial Dryers

VERS-A-BELT Industrial Dryers are TSSA Approved, have an automatic shut-down feature and can be adapted to your heat source, electrical and other commercial automation requirements.


Safety Controls

Our dryers are equipped with safety controls to shut the dryer down if the temperature exceeds set limits or if electrical failure occurs.


TSSA Approved

VERS-A-BELT Industrial Dryers are built to comply with International Approval Standards and with Canadian and U.S. Fuel safety Regulations.



Adaptable to your heat source

VERS-A-BELT Industrial Dryers can be adapted to many heat sources including

• Propane (liquid or vapour)

• Natural gas

• Butane

• Fin coil, steam or liquid heat

• Bio mass burner

• Diesel

• Furnace or coal oil


Optional Features

We will customize VERS-A-BELT Industrial Dryers to meet the requirements of your commercial production process:

• Automatic moisture control

• ‘Load’ and ‘unload’ motor starters

• Portability options including wheels (axel or tongue)

• Noise reduction features



VERS-A-BELT are adaptable to your electrical voltage requirements, including three phase 550, 440, 230, or 208; or 220 single phase.

Control switches can be  110 or 120 vole single phase.


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