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Wood Chips and Lumber

Commercial drying solutions for wood chips and lumber by-products:


VERS-A-BELT dryers have provided innovative solutions for the production of fuels and other commercial products from wood chips, lumber and lumber by-products:


Fuel pellets and briquettes from chopped and hogged wood

Thousands of pine trees in B.C. had become unusable because of a beetle infestation.  VESR-A-BELT helped create a solution to salvage the trees. They created a dehydration solution that processes the chopped and hogged wood (or-the chopped up wood) to create briquettes or pellets. These provide a fuel source that is a clean energy alternative to both North American coal-fired boilers and to the electrical energy market in Europe


Wood fibres for Oriented Strand Board

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is stronger, more water resistant, less toxic alternative to particle board. It is made from layers of ‘cross-oriented’ wood chips or strands and bound together with just 5% wax or resin adhesives.

VERS-A-BELT has created a customized solution for reclaiming scrap wood to be used for OSB applications.


Other lumber industry applications of the VERS-A-BELT Dryer:

• Primary-secondary paper sludge

• Sawdust and shavings

• Cubed wood for fireplaces

• Maple chips for BBQs

• Lava rock for BBQs



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